the complete guide to hiring & retaining early childhood educators ebook

eBook: The Complete Guide to Hiring & Retaining Early Childhood Educators

Hiring and retention are some of the biggest challenges in any industry, but this is perhaps most true in early education. Despite being one of the most important jobs, early…

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Celebrating Diversity In Preschool

Episode #144 – As classrooms become more culturally diverse, teachers are now facing the question of how to teach diversity. In this episode, we have a conversation with Jordana Shakoor,…

retaining early childhood educators

How to Retain the Best Early Childhood Educators

The following is an excerpt from The Complete Guide to Hiring & Retaining Early Childhood Educators. Click here to download the full eBook. Employee retention begins on day one. If you make a conscious effort to keep your employees happy and motivated, they will be more likely to stay for longer…