7 Transportation Activities For Preschoolers

Transportation and things that move are a highly interesting topic for toddlers. Fascinated by how things go and get us from place to place, children enjoy discovering more about cars, trains, planes, boats, trucks and other ways to get around through exciting transportation activities for preschoolers.

Why is transportation such a popular area of interest for preschoolers? This topic is part of their everyday lives. They may be driven or walk to preschool, have seen or ridden in a bus or train, and may have traveled in an airplane to go on vacation. Children have a natural interest in transportation as it is something they experience in the world around them.

We’ve rounded up this list of 7 transportation activities for preschoolers that are great for exploring the exciting concept of travel!

  1. Which Mode of Transportation Am I?
    Play recordings of various transportation sounds for the classroom. Have preschoolers try to guess which means of transportation makes that noise. Show pictures of the vehicles to reinforce the correct associations.
  2. Ramp It Up
    Demonstrate to children how they can make ramps for toy vehicles using triangular and flat blocks. Allow the vehicles to roll down the ramps, and discuss how far they go on each ramp. Get preschoolers thinking by asking them to consider why a vehicle might go further on one ramp than the other. Challenge them to make cars go faster or slower by building different ramps.
  3. I’m Going on a Trip…
    During circle time, begin this game by saying, “I’m going on a trip by…” (i.e. train). The next child in the circle will continue the game by saying, “I’m going on a trip by train and airplane.” Each child will add another mode of transportation. See how many types of transportation you can name!
  4. Red Light, Green Light
    Create a green, yellow and red card to represent traffic signals. Ask preschoolers to walk around your classroom. Hold up the green card, saying “Green light.” Children must walk faster (without running). Next, show the yellow card and say, “Yellow light.” Children should walk in slow motion. Show the red card and say, “Red light.” Children must stop completely and stay still. Alternate the colors in random order!
  5. Vacation Station
    Set up a space for dramatic play by arranging chairs as if they were seats on a bus, plane or train. Add pretend food and trays, suitcases and clothing to recreate the travel atmosphere. Ask preschoolers to make tickets out of paper and use hole punchers to mark tickets as passengers board the vehicle.
  6. Map It
    Print off maps for your writing table for preschoolers to have a closer look at and draw on if they wish. Provide paper and markers, encouraging them to draw maps of their journey to school, making note of important landmarks along the way. Ask them to draw lines to show how they get from one place to another.
  7. Track Painting
    Put washable paint in various colors on paper plates, allowing children to drive the wheels of toy vehicles through them. Use the painted wheels to create art on paper with the track marks they leave behind. Compare the sizes of tracks left by different types of vehicles.

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