The HiMama 2018 Child Care Benchmark Report

UPDATE: Check our 2019 Child Care Benchmark Report

It’s finally here! The 2018 Benchmark Survey includes the voices of hundreds of child care directors and owners across North America. The report helps leaders to assess their performance relative to their peer group, as well as provide forward-looking insight into growth plans and outlook for the coming year. This year’s survey is more comprehensive and packed with more valuable insights than ever, including:

  • Expanded review of trends in Early Education
    Comparisons to previous Benchmark responses
  • Breakdowns by profit status and location
  • And much more!

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Owner and Director Challenges

As a follow up to the Benchmark Report, HiMama further investigated the operational challenges of running an individual child care center to better understand how duties are prioritized within the center. The analysis, which used data collected from a separate survey of owners and directors of child care centers, found that managing staff is where respondents are spending most of their time, with 38% reporting staff management as their most time-intensive duty.

Key Findings

Educators were asked everything from finances to hiring to priorities. Some of the notable findings include:

  • Centers have a median capacity of 80 students.
  • Smaller centers have more empty spots than larger ones.
  • 50% of enrolled students are preschool age.
  • The top organizational priority for centers is customer satisfaction.

Download the full benchmark report to see more information including staff salaries, revenue, full priority lists, age group breakdowns and much more.

Download the full report here!

The HiMama benchmark report includes insights for centers of all sizes

Respondents varied from single locations to large, 20+ center organizations from across the United States and Canada. There is something for every child care leader in the 2018 report!

Benchmark Capacity

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