The Preschool Podcast: For Leaders in Early Childhood Education

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The Preschool Podcast, brought to you by HiMama, is a platform for learning from leading professionals in early childhood education.

If you work in a child care, preschool or early years setting, The Preschool Podcast will provide you with inspiring and motivational stories, as well as practical advice for managing your organization, center or classroom.

The goal of the The Preschool Podcast is to provide inspiration and knowledge to the future leaders of early childhood education by speaking with experienced and insightful leaders in the world of preschool and early learning today.

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Recent Episodes:

Preschool Podcast

Learned Optimism In Early Childhood

Episode 157 –Making Lemonade is a book that teaches optimistic thinking in an early learning context. We had the opportunity to chat with Laura Colker and Derry Koralek, co-authors of…

Preschool Podcast

Visual Learning As A Teaching Practice

Episode 156 – Teaching young children should be a fun and creative process. In this episode, Stuart J Murphy, children’s author, shares his experience developing his book series, Math Start…

Preschool Podcast

Yale-China Program On Child Development

Episode #154 – The Yale-China Program on Child Development is a cross-cultural program that promotes exchanges and cooperation between China and the US in early education and child development. In…

Preschool Podcast

Tools For Life & Socioemotional Development

Episode #152 – Socio-emotional development in early learning builds the foundation for emotional awareness and communication. In this episode, we chat with Allen Croxall and Dr. Regina Rees about Tools…

Preschool Podcast

Adapting Curriculum For Local Communities

Episode 149 – Child care in aboriginal communities are conserving their cultures through early education curriculum. We chat with Lori-Ann Paige, a First Nations Mohawk who is also the Coordinator…

Preschool Podcast

Giving Back Through Child Care

Episode 148 – Being a child care business owner comes with its unique set of challenges. In this episode, we interview Sholom Strick, CEO of a franchise of centers under…