HiMama Helps – Childcare Webinar Series


Now, more than ever, the early childhood community has to come together to figure out life during a global pandemic. The HiMama Helps Webinar series was created as a platform for ECEs and child care experts to share stories and practical tips with each other.

Join your hosts, Ria Simon and Kiah Price every Thursday at 2 PM, where we explore different topics, offer practical strategies, and have your questions answered. We hope to see you THERE!

Check out the show notes and recordings for previous sessions below.

We are LIVE every Thursday at 2PM EST. Want to join our next session?


Recent Webinars:

Building Independence at Home [Webinar]

In this session, we were joined by Stacey Band, Parent Coach and Founder of Home Day Hero. Stacey talked about how adults can help children build independence at home, offered…

Teaching Resilient Children [Webinar]

In this session, we were joined by Lissarette Nisnevich, Early Childhood Professional, and Founder of Pequenines. Lissarette talked about her definition of resilience, how children can build it, and gave…