Child Care Hacks COVID-19 Webinar

Child Care Hacks For COVID-19 [Webinar]

In this webinar, we chat with Missy Kneshel, Director of Victory Early Learning Academy, about all the tips and tricks she and her team have learned since reopening her center to non-essential workers.

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Key Resources

Products mentioned in the webinar:

  1. Plastic file organizer– Missy orders two per class – one for up front/outside when kids arrive and one for the teacher.
  2. Plastic shoe organizer to hang on hooks just outside of classroom.
  3. Thermometer for inner ear for when the infrared thermometer does not work 
  4. Plenty of disposable covers for the inner ear thermometer 
  5. Walkie talkies that do not have long antennae because teachers drop them all the time!
  6. Utility belt for morning drop off/check in 
  7. Fine mist spray bottle – Must use filtered water or it will clog!
  8. Individual sensory bins

Shoutouts from the audience

Jean Hassen
As a suggestion…for another approach, our families also drop off kids outside and they bring a thermometer from home. Our faculty member checks and records the temp. Parent keeps the thermometer. We do have a couple of back up thermometers for emergencies

Christine Barton
We are using nurses scrubs with pockets!

Michelle Tensay
Sensory baggies are great for toddlers. You can even tape them to a window so they can explore as the light shines through.


To receive your certificate, you will need to watch the whole recorded session on WebinarJam. It is shared at the end of the session and downloadable in PDF format. You can fill out your name and center name in the blanks and you’re done!

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