Examples of Parent Communication From Teachers

How do you communicate with parents?

What are all the ways early childhood professionals can communicate with parents? Below we’ve listed 5 of the most commons early learning communication approaches. What others do you have?

1. Email

Teachers may send a daily or weekly email to families with an update on what the class did that day or week and any important news or reminders.

2. Daily or Weekly Progress Reports

Teachers may send home individual reports for each student that inform parents of that day’s events, specifically toileting times, napping duration, and any reminders for supplies needed, like an extra change of clothes.

3. Phone call

A teacher may call a parent after an incident or injury in the classroom to inform them of what happened. A teacher also may call with positive news or just to check in with the family informally.

4. Parent Teacher Conferences

A formal meeting between teachers and parents to discuss a child’s progress and development. Usually occurs one or two times throughout the school year.

5. Class Website

Teachers may set up a website for the class that parents can check to get important news, reminders, and see photos of special activities or events.

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