How Do Child Care Apps Help With Observation? Three Ways an App Will Enhance Observation

If observations and daily reporting are a time-consuming process for your center, there is a better way

Observing and tracking behaviour may seem like a simple task that you do every day as a child care provider, however, it can be difficult to effectively log all important behaviours in an organized way that will allow you to reflect in the aftermath of the day.

While recording observations in a paper-based system is feasible, it is not the most practical option. We have powerful tools available in child care centers that not only reduce the difficulty of tasks, but also enhance outcomes.

Using a child care app will change your perspective on observations. Consider three ways in which using an app will enhance your observation practice:

1. Customize Approach

Each child is unique requiring a flexible approach that can be tailored to their individual needs. While education is not generally structured to cater to children on an individual level, consistent and proper observation can identify each child’s strengths and areas in need of improvement. Using a child care app will help you transform developmental observations into foundations for a customized approach to connecting with each child.

2. Increase Parent Engagement

Observation serves its own purposes in an early education setting, but it becomes exponentially more applicable when parents are involved in understanding its implications. Recording daily observations in a child care app creates an instant digital file which can be easily shared, or accessed in real-time by parents, fostering a fun and interactive experience and nourishing collaboration.

3. Save Time

In terms of efficiency, using a child care app to record observations beats old-fashioned pen and paper. Recording observations in an app will allow you to keep up with the endless learning moments from day to day, reducing time spent on paperwork and increasing time spent with children.

Parents really value quality reports

Child care apps, available in iOS and Android, on mobile phones and for tablet devices are convenient and super efficient for tracking observations and getting the most out of the developmental process. This photo shared from a parent and user of our HiMama Child Care App warms our heart! Knowing families are seeing the value in quality observations through our app is why we do what we do!

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