How to Create a Child Care Center Business Plan

The prospect of starting your own child care business is very exciting, but in order to properly execute on your dream, you’re going to need to put together a child care center business plan. Read on to learn more about how to make sure you are ready for business!

So you’ve decided you’re going to start your very own child care business, now all you need to do is draft up a business plan. This highly important first step is the key to your success later on down the road. By performing research ahead of time, understanding exactly what steps you’ll have to take along the way, and planning for your growth, you’ll be well on your way to launching and operating your new business!

Licensing & Regulations

Before you take any steps towards setting up your child care business, take the time to understand the center licensing guidelines and regulations that will apply to you from your local government. Make sure that you will be able to obtain the necessary licensing for your facility.

Assess the Need for Child Care

Is your area currently under-served when it comes to child care? Interview families to get a feel for the type of child care center services they might be interested in. Use local population and demographic data to discover the ages of families in your area so you can better understand current and future child care needs. Are there a lot of young families? Are new housing developments popping up with preschool-aged kids?

Analyze the Competition

Perform research on the current centers and dayhomes in your area. Consider how you will differentiate your services from the rest in order to attract families. What are they offering? What are they not offering? What can you do better?

Define Your Target Market

In any business plan, you need to do research to identify exactly who your target market is. As a potential child care provider, your target market will be parents and guardians who require care for their children, and are likely part-time or full-time workers who live in your community. Try to create a “persona” of your typical customer, including their age, interests, number of children, income, location and more. This will help you later on as you develop your marketing plan.

Create a Budget

This is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your center business plan. Carefully developing your budget is essential before you dive into your new business. Write out in detail your expected cash flow versus your expenses, and don’t forget to plan for unexpected costs. Consider start-up expenses, annual expenses, and monthly operating expenses.

Design Your Marketing Plan

How will you attract your customers? Will you advertise online, or in local papers and directories? Which community events will you attend to boost enrollment? Detail how you will bring in families and their children to your business through a variety of marketing tactics tailored to your target market, which you’ve already defined.

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