how to create a preschool report card

How To Create a Preschool Report Card

When we think of report cards, we usually picture a sheet of paper featuring the letters A through F, ranking a student on his or her skills in a variety of subjects. However, when it comes to report cards in early childhood education, this traditional system just does not work. The truth is, a preschool report card is more of a progress report than a list of grades.

Still, it is important to keep parents informed of their child’s progress while at preschool (learning development is crucial during the early years!). Your observations, documentation and notable milestones should be communicated to families so they can both celebrate achievements and work on those areas in which their child might be falling a little behind.

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Which Areas Should You Report On?

There are three major areas that should be reported on when it comes to your preschool report card: The child’s social progress, personal progress and their academic progress.

Social Progress

When it comes to social progress, report how the child behaves in areas like:

  • Respecting authority
  • Participating in group activities
  • Following directions and classroom routines
  • Speaking clearly and responding to questions

Personal Progress

When it comes to personal progress, report on skills such as:

  • Ability to dress oneself
  • Ability to use the bathroom independently
  • Ability to hold and use pencils and other supplies

Academic Progress

When it comes to academic progress, you should focus on skills such as:

  • Recognition of letters and letter sounds
  • Recognition of numbers and counting ability
  • Ability to print his or her own name

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How Often Should You Issue a Preschool Report Card?

In elementary school and beyond, you’re likely used to the system of mid-term and end-of-term reports. However, when it comes to preschool report cards, this information should be shared with parents much more regularly.

In the early years, development happens quickly and children are always reaching new milestones. Therefore, your reporting should be nearly real-time as you update parents on the skills their child is working towards.

Luckily, there are ways to simplify this reporting through software, reducing stress on educators who often find writing report cards a daunting task!

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Making Preschool Report Cards Easy

HiMama is an innovative childcare app that makes recording observations and writing report cards easy for educators! Your notes can easily be shared with parents, along with photos, videos and more to make your report card engaging. It is simple to generate these reports as you record each child’s day-to-day activities. Sending daily mini “report cards” is as easy as the touch of a button on your tablet or mobile device.

For more in-depth reports, educators use HiMama to review observations and milestones over a longer period of time, adding further comments and suggestions for further development and skill-building.


how to create a preschool report card

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