Integrating Physical Activities for Toddlers into Your Schedule

Toddlers need plenty of time in their day to play and by incorporating physical activities you can not only keep them active, but also help them develop important social skills.

Incorporating physical activity into your child care schedule is a must. Today, parents are looking for a child care provider who offers a well-rounded curriculum, which includes plenty of physical activity to keep their child healthy and active. However, physical activity in child care programs goes far beyond giving children the exercise they need – it also helps develop crucial social skills, helps children build self-confidence and learn to work together cooperatively.

Guidelines indicate that toddler-age children need at least 180 minutes of physical activity each and every day. This physical activity can be made up of a number of different types of play and active fun. It’s important that you vary the physical activities you offer in order to keep the attention of toddlers. If they can’t handle a certain activity for more than a few minutes, don’t worry! Just move on to the next activity or game. The key is simply to get them moving.

If you are looking for ways to integrate physical activities for toddlers into your child care curriculum, here are some simple activities you can try.

1. Get Dancing

One of the best physical activities for toddlers is dancing. Toddlers tend to love music and can’t help but start to move when they hear a tune. Choose two to three age-appropriate songs and hold a mini dance session where children are encouraged to move however they want.

2. Outdoor Fun

Outdoor activities like walking, playing at a local playground, or simply tossing a ball around the yard require very little preparation, making them a perfect idea to incorporate into your schedule.

3. Indoor Play

Your child care center should provide plenty of options for physical activity indoors as well. It’s not always possible to play outdoors, so think about investing in equipment like tumbling mats or an indoor climbing structure.

4. Make Learning Active

Encourage activity as children learn about various subjects. For example, while learning about different modes of transportation, you could have children act out how trains, planes and cars move.

5. Group Games

To further develop cooperation skills and social abilities, your schedule of physical activities for toddlers should include some group play. Choose age-appropriate games such as follow the leader, tag, and freeze dance.

Toddlers need plenty of time in their day to play and run around. By incorporating some of the activities above, you can design a daily routine for your care center that allows children to not only keep active, but also work on developing some of the most important social skills they will require later on. To find out why HiMama was rated as the best childcare app and how it can help you with your activity and planning activities, contact us today.

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