Simple Preschool Craft Ideas for Summer

Looking for fun crafts to add to your list of activities this summer? The common elements of great preschool craft ideas for summer are simplicity and the potential for further play and learning.

The common elements of great preschool craft ideas for summer are simplicity and the potential for further play and learning. Even basic arts and crafts can be an excellent way to further development by exploring shapes, colors, textures, as well as enhancing fine motor skills. Here are some easy craft ideas for preschoolers that are perfect for tying in with summer-themed lessons:

Ocean Creatures

Using paper plates, construction paper and paint, your preschoolers can create an endless number of sea creatures. Sharks, octopuses, crabs and fish are all easily created using a combination of the same supplies. Prepare cut-out fins, tentacles and flippers ahead of time so assembly is easy. Accompany your creatures with a sea-themed story, or an ocean-themed lesson.

Play Binoculars

Encourage little ones to explore outdoors by having them create their very own set of play binoculars. Using two toilet paper rolls, yarn and glue, each child can put together their own set of binoculars to take out onto the playground. Not only is this craft eco-friendly, it’s a great way to introduce the ideas of nature watching.

Nature Collage

Get outdoors and have preschoolers collect items from nature like pinecones, leaves, twigs, flowers and small stones. Have children create their own 3D collage by gluing the items to a piece of cardboard, identify each piece, where it was found and what type of plant it belongs to.

Stained Glass Art

Recycle clear plastic food container lids to create pretty faux “stained glass” that catches the sun’s rays. Cut various colours of tissue paper into small pieces, and show preschoolers how to adhere them onto the lid using a mixture of glue and water. Once dry, hang in a sunny window. This preschool craft idea is perfect for experimenting with mixing colours and helping kids develop their fine motor skills.

Handprint Sun

No list of preschool craft ideas for summer is complete without a sun! Each child should paint one side of a paper plate bright yellow. Next, trace each child’s hand several times on yellow construction paper and have them carefully cut out each one. Have them glue the handprints to the outer edge of the plate to act as the sun’s rays. A smiley face or even googly eyes can be added for fun.

Preschool craft ideas for summer don’t have to be difficult. These crafts use simple materials to create fun and colorful crafts that capture the spirit of the summer season. Stay tuned to the HiMama blog for more great craft ideas and learning opportunities for your child care center.

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